Saturday, January 26, 2008

Top 9 Movies with the Best Car Chase Scene

After spending few hours on the net, I finally managed to finish this post. It's car chase scenes! It may be one of the most used and abused movie cliches, but when done correctly, the car chase scene can be the highlight of any film. This list is collection of the movies that I think has did the car chase scene correctly.

After watch the videos twice, the classic car chase always get my special attention. It makes me fell I was part of the movie! For me, it does'nt matter if the car chase scene is using CGI or not. The point is, the scene should looks amazing, entertaining, 95% realistic and making us getting the edge of our seat! That's what we want Mr. Director!

1) Bullitt
Bullit has the coolest cars and the coolest camera angles ever. This car chase was the real thing! Yes, it looks real! Was blown away when I first saw it as a kid in the early 70s. Still get a kick out of it in 2008. How can you beat a classic?

2) The Island
The most beatiful and stylo car chase ever! This MTV style film director has proof that CGI can place cameraman on the most hazardous angles. "Careful with the train wheels over there, no, right there on the left! Oh no it coming right through me!" wildly punching holes in my 19' monitor

3) Vanishing Point
The classic and amazing car chase.

4) Ronin
Probably the most realistic car chase scene ever.

5) The Bourne Supremacy
One of the best car chases thats actually realistic. Bourne is a lucky born.

6) Matrix Reloaded
The cool car chase for the cool movie.

7) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Creative car chase scene! Watch the police cars turning into remote control cars and driven remotely from hundred meters away!

8) The Italian Job (2003)
A small cars for a big mission!

9) Smokey and the Bandit
Where the whole movie is a car chase!

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